NOW: An experiment with play

NOW is the three-dimensional manifestation of two-dimensional layout design.  The main themes of the installation are play and now - or to play in the current circumstances - using some predetermined elements without the end result being meticulously planned. I was inclined to work instinctually with a general outline of space and available elements in order to enhance the experience of play instead of plan. By breaking away from the traditional graphic designer/client relationship of receiving a design brief, I was able to create my own set of parameters and limitations through exploration of materials and formalist elements.

The word NOW is used to reference present time, but also as a recognizable linguistic touchpoint, in an otherwise unfamiliar environment built of seemingly arbitrary color and shape. By beginning with the end of a word, the participant is lead to work backwards, while looking forward into the space, then back out. Through examination and engagement with the space, what other visual clues are there to find and dissect?

Pulling inspiration from experiential exhibit design the intention was to create a physical layout that the audience could enter and discover visual stimuli through the exploration of materials, geometric shapes and typography.