Blokk is a pop-up stamping print shop inspired by the simplicity and functionality of Scandinavian design, emphasizing the use of organic and geometric shapes, while still employing playful characteristics. The purpose of Scandinavian design is to improve the daily life; valuing durability, functionality, accessibility - but also less tangible values such as simplicity, joy, courage, daily pleasure visible through the simple, often colorful forms.

As a self-contained pop-up shop, Blokk could be there one day and gone the next. Everything on the wall fits into the accompanying bag and the seating folds into itself, making the activity available wherever a blank wall sits empty. The design of a pop-up shop allows for a unique environment that engages the participation of an available audience and generates a feeling of interactivity.

While designing Blokk, I created functional and aesthetic constraints not only for myself, but also for the audience. The stamp shapes, colors and paper size were all predetermined, but at that point my part as the designer ends. The participant now moves into the designer role, taking the reins by creating their own patterns using the elements. Again, stressing the idea that good design can be and is for everyone.